Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance at Rutgers

Leadership coaching – the Rutgers difference.
  • Our coaches produce business results.  Executive coaching is about bringing out the best in people, but it should – it must – translate to improved productivity and business performance.
  • We combine the best of management consulting and adult education.  You'll untangle the complex challenges that confront executives today.  That's why Rutgers has partnered with the leadership coaching team at Philosophy IB.
  • You’ll join a tight network of leadership coaches.  Your value as a coach grows by sharing insights -- and an occasional cup of cheer -- with our alumni in the field of executive and leadership coaching.
  • You’ll earn the most respected credential in Leadership Coaching.  Benefit from a certificate from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Rutgers, where we’ve been training leaders since 1766.
  • You'll leave as a team energized to help people.  Leadership Coaches share a common mission; they want to make a living by helping people.  Guided by that internal compass, you'll journey down a new career path together.

Great coaches must learn by doing

You’ll dive into tough executive coaching problems, based on actual cases, throughout this 132-hour program over four months. The Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), which requires:

  • 132 hours of training in ICF’s Core Competencies and Code of Ethics
  • 6 executive coaching sessions observed and evaluated by an experienced coach
  • a comprehensive exam to demonstrate mastery of coaching competencies.

Module 1 - Leadership Coaching Foundation.  Feb. 20 - 22.  You’ll explore what makes an insightful and effective coach by examining the foundations of coaching and how they’re built upon a strong understanding of adult learning.

Module 2 - Creating Awareness.  Mar. 20 & 21. You’ll discover how to be fully present, how to build trust, and how to establish authenticity with clients.

Module 3 - Language and Emotion. Apr. 24 & 25. You’ll learn to appreciate and understand learn language and emotions create lasting, purposeful conversations with clients.

Module 4 - Performance and Accountability. May. 22 & 23. You’ll learn to apply your developing coaching skills to improve both accountability and performance.  This is where you’ll help clients and their organizations generate strong returns from their investment and confidence in you as a coach.

Module 5 - The Process and Business of Coaching. Jun. 26 - 28. Leadership coaching is a business, and you’ll how to make your insights pay for both you and your clients.  Profitable businesses require thoughtful processes, and the marketplace requires you to differentiate your services by understanding and promoting your own brand.

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