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CCPD Offers Training Through Workforce Development Programs

If you are unemployed or have lost your job because of company downsizing, you may be eligible for a training grant through the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJ LWD).  If you qualify, a number of training programs may be available to you at no cost.

The Rutgers' Center for Continuing Professional Development (CCPD) offers a variety of online certificate training programs that are grant eligible.  You can search our course catalog for the training options that are right for you.

In order to determine if you are eligible for a training grant, please contact  your local New Jersey One-Stop Career Center.   One-Stop Career Centers are located by county throughout New Jersey.  Your local One-Stop offers free employment services to help you develop the skills necessary to find a job.  Employment counselors will work with you to review your career options based upon your current skill set.

The CCPD Online Certificate Programs can boost your marketability through professional skill development.  Whether are you learning a new skill, sharpening your current skill set, or maintaining your skill competency, CCPD has a training program that meets your need.  Our online certificate programs utilize the latest in online learning content and technology to help you become a stronger job candidate.

Please note that procedures vary from One-Stop to One-Stop, so these are general guidelines. We encourage you to contact us at 848 932-4708 or, if you need help along the way.

Five Steps to Training for Workforce Grant-Eligible Applicants 

  1. Determine your eligibility and begin the application process by contacting your local New Jersey One-Stop Career Center at or call 609-984-9414.  Counselors are working remotely during the pandemic, so call or email to connect with them.
  2. While applying for your grant, we invite you to explore eligible courses at Please contact us at or 848-932-4708 for more information about program(s) that interest you.
  3. After your initial appointment with a NJ Division of Workforce counselor, please contact us with any questions about eligible programs or the application process at or 848-932-4708.
  4. Once your grant has been approved, we'll send you a registration form to complete and return to  With that form completed, we will send a Letter of Acceptance to your NJ Division of Workforce counselor.
  5. Upon receipt of your Letter of Acceptance, your NJ Division of Workforce counselor will send CCPD a contract for your training.  At that time, we'll send you full course information, including course requirements and completion deadlines.

One-Stop Career Centers

New Jersey's One-Stop Career Centers are help you assess your skills, obtain employment, and offer training programs.  For more information about eligibility for training grants from NJ Employment and Training, please contact your local county One-Stop Career Center.

Contact Information

To begin this process or for any questions along the way, please contact:

Rutgers Center for Continuing Professional Development

or 848-932-4708